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About us

Our Story

Marsha's Lunch Box Deli and Catering began as a small Mom and Pop deli shop in 1990. When we first opened our doors, we had no idea that we would be able to create such a lasting impact on our community or bond so closely with our regular customers. The owner, Marsha Foster,discovered her passion for the culinary arts as a child in the kitchen of her mother, Marion. Since opening in 1990, the exceptional staff of Marsha's Lunch Box Deli and Catering have looked forward to the opportunity to serve premium meal options with personal touches, and we hope to continue that tradition for many more. Each day we deliver meals with integrity; that's just good business. We provide fresh meals with the same level of care we did when the doors first opened years ago.

At Marsha's Lunch Box Deli & Catering we take immense pride in everything that we do, and know our heart shows in the wealth of flavors we provide. Allow us to show you the high quality, personalized service you've missed out on by visiting chain restaurants, and the flavors that are missing from cookie cutter catering services. We look forward to serving you soon!.

How we prepare

  • Cook from scratch and prepare them by hand.
  • We understand the recipe can be as good as the ingredients that goes into its making,so we always find the best ones.
  • Always use fresh and the best ingredients.
  • Support local farmers by procuring local and seasonal products.
  • Turkey is baked fresh everyday.
  • Tri Tip is baked fresh everyday.

Mission / Vision

To provide delicious and remarkable food and drinks in shop and through catering services. To use the best local ingredients. To treat our customers with respect.

1. We’re dedicated because we’ve been to the other places and frankly, we’re not impressed. Food should be better, and people should be treated better.
2. We want you to know that every time you support Marsha’s Lunch Box Deli and Catering that you’re supporting great food, and local businesses. 
3. We believe in the extra effort it takes to partner with local farmers who focus on quality and responsibility. 
4. We know coming to work each day to serve our customers is a choice. We know that coming in to see us is a choice, too. You choose us, and we choose you. Simple!
5. Whether you’re building a sandwich or brewing a stew, we know that the details matter. When you place an order, you can trust that it will be correct.

To place your order, please call 650-593-8061 or Email No order will be fulfilled through web site. Dismiss